Volunteering with Jay Nepal

I found a dirty t-shirt out of a shelter in Bodgaun. Dirty, consumed, crumpled. But with a very strong and great message on it: Haami garchau -we will make it happen!- It's the same feeling I had today: I felt myself dirty and a bit crumpled. But inside myself, I feel only love and hope.


As a volunteering group, we believe that we can overcome poverty, discrimination, injustice and war placing HUMANITY at the heart of our lives. Our mission in Nepal is to work with communities, lift up the local confidence, give people resources and hope for a better future.

We wish that your volunteering experience with us will make you part of this common mission, to share a dream, to love each other, giving the chance to help and feeling helped, bring change and be changed. We expect that you will interact positively with our local volunteers and inspire about the importance of their activity.

To make your volunteering truly helpful, we have few messages to share with you.

  • We encourage you to always relay on a Jay Nepal representative member in order to better understand the complexity of the society and its culture, avoiding individual initiatives that might break the unity of the local communities.

  • We require you to avoid making any personal donation to the community either during our action and/or after your volunteering. As humanitarian group, we only work with the communities and any individual action might break their unity.

  • You are welcome to make a donation if you wish: resources are precious for us to achieve our goals. You can donate to one of our projects that you will like to support.

  • If you have an intention to make your own project, or you are part of another project, you are still welcome to join us, as long as you do not try to recruit our volunteers and/or use our own network and resources. If you wish to be helped in your project by Jay Nepal, please let us know and we, as organization, will do our best to support you.

  • Your safety is our main concern during action, however, volunteering with us is at your own risk and responsibility. You are always free to evaluate the mission you will be assigned for and to pull back at anytime.

  • Any photos taken as a Jay Nepal volunteer can be used and shared by Jay Nepal Action Volunteers. Photos taken of you can be used on Facebook and other public sights and are not owned by you.